Why sales dry up at Superdry stores?

As an MBA Global Business student in Coventry university London, I am fascinated by the role played by organisational culture in an organisation. In this blog, I will answer the question Can cultures be managed within Superdry? Superdry Plc, a company which has remodeled from an entrepreneurial business to a magnificent multinational business. After aContinue reading “Why sales dry up at Superdry stores?”

Contemporary Leadership Styles: How relevant are they in today’s changing world?

Introduction What is Leadership? According to Mr. John C. Maxwell, leadership is influence. John C. Maxwell is an author residing in the United States and is also a professional speaker. According to him, the fundamental feature of leadership is the ability of influencing both individuals as well as groups through inspiration as well as motivationContinue reading “Contemporary Leadership Styles: How relevant are they in today’s changing world?”

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